Join us for our morning activities with Horrid COVID!, 1-5th of August at 11:00 BTS."

Laumulistasamsteypan’s Morning Activities with HORRID Covid!

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1. August: Simon Brinck

Simon will host a DJ set consisting of sleazy tunes with midi guitar improvisations as the icing on top. Afterwards he will do an in depth workshop about his Virtual Guitar Choir and invite YOU to collaborate.

2. August: Sara Björg Bjarnadóttir

Sara Björg Bjarnadóttir has surprised us with underwater quests and choreography from the noughties. She will be our guide for the mornings activities.

3. August: Susan Van Veen

Some Light Reading by Susan Van Veen.

4. August: Borghildur Tumadóttir

Borghildur Tumadóttir has a talent for multidimensional travels and she‘ll be shifting our perspectives in this activity.

5. August: Saulé Noreikaité

It is essential to take care of your body in as many ways as possible, especially during the times like these! We are recommended to touch our faces as less as possible, during the day while being out and around, so let’s take some time in the morning and do a little self-caring act of self-massage for your face. There are 43 muscles on our faces, and we will try to take care of them. 

Before we begin, get your hands and face clean, and prepare some face cream/serum/oil of your preference that you can massage into your skin :) maybe do a face mask a night before :) This 10 minutes face massage will go a long way, I assure!